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RFA Award for Hunters


   This award will be granted to any amateur radio station who submits proof of radio contacts with stations working portable (ex: YO0XX/P) from various fortified places in Romania.
   Fortified places are: citadels, fortresses, fortified guard towers, bastions, fortified settlements, fortified churches and monastery, fortified lines.

   Each location contains an identification code, which contains a group of two letters and 5 figures, representing the country and a serial number for each location   
(for example YO-00201), which is assigned in accordance with the rules of WCA.
   The RFA code facilitates identification of the fortification according to the county were located.

   For the RFA awards the valid location will begin with code  YO-00170 untill YO-00520, and all location begining with code YO-00601 and higher.
Complete list of each county can be accessed from the sidebar index. 

QSO with castles do not count for this award ! ! !

   The award will be confered only once for contacts in any one or different bands or mode.
The 3 levels are:
BRONZE - need QSO with 5 different fortifications.
SILVER: need QSO with 10 different fortifications.
GOLD:  need QSO with 25 different fortifications.

You may confirm the validity  of your QSO by using the on-line log at:

Make a copy with desired (verified) contacts and send to award manager via e-mail, as attached document, to address:

All awards are FREE, and will be sent in electronic form via e-mail.

Certificates idea - YO6EX
Drawing by YO3JW

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